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Design process and strategy at Blizzard Entertainment

I currently work as a UX Researcher at Blizzard Entertainment, where I work on the platform. My key focus and expertise is in running qualitative research to discover the "why" behind players motivations and needs for existing and upcoming features on I drive upfront UX research to feed customer insights and synthesize findings to inform UX decisions. The main methodologies I utilize are: qualitative in-lab and remote studies, including interviews, usability studies, diary studies, and concept testing.

Running remote user experience studies at UserTesting

I worked as a UX Researcher at UserTesting, where all the studies we ran were conducted remotely. I ran unmoderated and moderated research studies for clients such as Verizon Wireless, ABC News, The Home Depot, Netflix, and SoundCloud, to name a few. My role was to design, analyze, and deliver in-depth reports to clients, while building rapport and trust that not only would the reports be delivered two weeks within project kickoff date, but they would also provide valuable insights.