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Design process and strategy at Blizzard Entertainment

I currently work as a UX Researcher at Blizzard Entertainment, where I work on the platform. My key focus and expertise is in running qualitative research to discover the "why" behind players motivations and needs for existing and upcoming features on I'm currently focusing on the social landscape, specifically trying to understand what makes gamers want to game and what impact social interaction has on users' overall experience.

Please note, my process of work while at Blizzard Entertainment is password protected and can only viewed by UCI MHCID Admission Committee. 

Running remote user experience studies at UserTesting

I worked as a UX Researcher at UserTesting, where all the studies we ran were conducted remotely. I ran unmoderated and moderated research studies for clients such as Verizon Wireless, ABC News, The Home Depot, Netflix, and SoundCloud, to name a few. My role was to design, analyze, and deliver in-depth reports to clients, while building rapport and trust that not only would the reports be delivered two weeks within project kickoff date, but they would also provide valuable insights.