Design process and strategy at Blizzard Entertainment

For confidentiality reasons, I unfortunately cannot show work I have done at Blizzard Entertainment– however, I can explain a little about the flow of a typical usability project. 

Step 1: Learn/Ideate

The study kicks off with a brainstorming session with the UX Designers and any other stakeholders for the project. We discuss past research has been done on the project, align objective goals, and discuss research questions we hope to answer from the study. I also use this session to better help me scope and establish a  timeline and deliverable dates for the project. 


Step 2: Plan and Define

I then take the questions from the brainstorming session and group them based on a key topic/theme through affinity diagramming. This helps me better establish key objective/themes that we would like to focus on this study. Next, I think about which users would be ideal to talk to for this study, and create screeners so that we can begin recruiting. Once recruiting gets started, I then finalize the study design by going over the task script and flow one  with the UX designers and other stakeholders on the project. 


Step 3: Test and Present

Next, I run in-lab sessions (around 2 - 3 per day), where other UX researchers, designers and stakeholders observe the sessions. In between sessions, I setup debriefing sessions with the observers and we all list out things under 4 categories: what worked, didn't work, ideas, and questions. This helps me remember key findings and is much easier to look back on, at the end of the project. Once all sessions have been completed, I analyze and present the findings to the team. I make sure to pitch my findings in a way that stakeholders from various backgrounds can understand the importance of these findings. A majority of the time, my audience is composed of UX Designers, PMs and Engineers, so I am accustomed to showcasing findings that would matter the most for each team present. 

 We then iterate based on the findings, and the fun begins all over again!